Susie Theis


Susan Theis

I am a filmmaker based in Utah and California. I fell in love with capturing life through the lens as a teenager through the contemplative process of developing film in a quiet dark room. That space was reflective and restorative for me; a place where my thoughts could process along with the film. Also emerging at an early age was my passion for adventure the outdoors. We spent every weekend as a family at a nearby ski area, “the hill” as we’d say. It was 200 feet of icy bliss. Friends became family. My first taste of what the ski community could bring to a person’s life. That sense of community built around skiing eventually grew into a career. After graduating college, a job with Ski Racing Magazine facilitated a move across the country to start working for the then digital publication. Intimately involved with the publication's transition from print, to digital, and eventually to a website, I was able to strengthen my writing, strategy, sales/marketing, content development, and photography/videography skills.

Additionally, I’ve found myself in multiple corners of the globe for adventures that have ranged from skiing in Japan to crewing on sailboat in Greenland. In 2015, out in the middle of the North Atlantic, with all distractions stripped away, I came to the realization that I must pursue filmmaking as my life's work and have been committed to it ever since. 




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